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Why Go to Agrigento

If you are going to include in your Italy vacation package a place known as the Most Beautiful City of Mortals, probably it's safe to bet that your expectations are high. But life is life, and, unfortunately, in most cases, high expectations lead only to deep disappointment. But luckily, amazing Agrigento is one of the rare exceptions to the rule.

Nestled on the breathtaking island of Sicily, the beautiful town is famous all around the world as peace of Greece in the heart of Italy. Although the city itself is still very much Italian, it houses one of the most significant Greek landmarks in the world, the Valley of the Temples. There are seven ancient temples scattered on the territory of 13 square km (5 square miles), dating back to the 6th - 5th centuries BC.

The Temple of Concordia is the most well-preserved among them all, thanks to the fact that it was turned into the Christian basilica and thus avoided the fate of being destroyed as a pagan place of worship. This major archeological site is one of the best examples of Greek architecture outside Greece and is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Another great place to put on your Agrigento travel radar is the Scala dei Turchi Cliffs, also known as the Stairs of the Turks. Although these chalk-like cliffs seem like they were somehow made by man, in reality, this impressive sight is the result of wind and waves long-term collaboration. Apart from providing fantastic photo opportunities, the Scala dei Turchi also offers marl mud, which is very beneficial for your skin.

What to Do During Agrigento Tour

  • Explore the Valley of the Temples
  • Take a picture of the Scala dei Turchi Cliffs
  • Enjoy a stroll around the narrow streets of the city

Italy tour packages featuring Agrigento

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