Italian Dishes & Cuisine

Creatively playing with flavors and spices Italians conquered the world with their legendary cuisine. From seasonal specialties and regional dishes to mouth-watering desserts and excellent wines, locals definitely know the secrets of an ideal meal. That’s why it goes without saying that eating is one of the greatest delights of traveling in Italy. But even the whole lifetime won’t be enough to degust all culinary masterpieces that this festive country has to offer. To guarantee you the unforgettable gastronomic experience, we’ve come up with a rating of popular Italian dishes to try during your vacation.

1. Pizza
Italian Pizza

Summing up the very essence of the Italian art of cooking, humble pizza is probably the most representative dish of the country. This local specialty comes in various versions every time, striking the imagination of all gourmets with new combinations. Legendary Napoletana, cheesy Margherita, tasteful Romana: this list could continue forever. As pizza is one of the most popular Italian street foods, you can find pizzerias on every corner of the towns serving it fresh out of the oven and ready to please all your senses.

2. Pasta
Italian Pasta

An incomparable queen of Italian cuisine that already wooed touthands passionate foodies is, undoubtedly, Italian pasta. Over the course of history, each region developed its own preparation technique, so today pasta is served in dozens different ways surprising everyone with all possible shapes and ingredients. No matter what you choose, cannelloni, fettuccine, linguine, or traditional spaghetti, believe us, it’s pure magic in your mouth!

3. Lasagna
Italian Lasagna

Being one of the most famous Italian dishes, iconic lasagna is impossible to skip when speaking of the absolute must-taste’s. Organically layered pasta sheets with tender meat, bechamel sauce, and viscous cheese in between create an ideal mix of flavors. Interestingly, Garfiled’s beloved food originates from the wonderful region of Emilia-Romagna, so if you find yourself nearby during your Italy trip, make sure to save some time for traditional lasagna-tasting!

4. Risotto
Italian Risotto

Another Italian specialty that we strongly recommend having is a bowl of creamy risotto. Do you know that despite the fact that Italians are often referred to as pasta-nation, they are the key producers of rice in entire Europe! Representing a hallmark of northern Italian food, risotto boasts numerous recipes all based on the mix of rice, onions, butter, and parmesan cheese, often accompanied by chicken, meat, seafood, and veggies. So don’t miss a chance to treat yourself with this unique Italian delicacy!

5. Gelato
Italian Gelato

One thing is certain: Italy can’t be checked off your bucket list until you sample creamy gelato. Shockingly, the history of this smooth dessert can be traced to the Renaissance era! Though many people think that gelato is just another name for ice-cream, these two frozen sweets are not quite the same. Gelato consists less of fat and noted for its intensive natural flavoring as well as velvety texture making it literally melt in your mouth. Are you ready to explore the impressive scene of delicious gelato flavors and find the one that will win your heart?