Best Cities to Visit in Italy

If you are already planning your Italy sightseeing trip, you may be confused about which destinations of Italy should be visited in the first place. It’s not easy to pick only a few for a good reason: with its colorful mix of jaw-dropping sceneries, splendid architecture, fantastic art heritage, and great food scene, Italy’s mind-blowing diversity can overwhelm even an experienced explorer. Wondering what are the ultimate Italy vacation spots? On this page, you can find our selection of the best places to travel in Italy to create a dream itinerary for your upcoming Italy journey of 2021!

1. Fabulous Rome
Rome, Italy

The alluring Italian capital keeps stories and legends literally in each wall, stone, and pillaring. Famous as one of the best destinations in Italy, magical Rome can send you back in the times of the Renaissance when such iconic creators as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Niccolò Machiavelli brought their masterpieces to the world. Are you ready to delve into the endless stream of inspiration?

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2. Charming Florence
Florence, Italy

Cozily situated right in the center of the Tuscany region, marvelous Florence, just can't be left out of your Italy itinerary.  Often referred to as the open-air museum, the cradle of Renaissance hides surprises at every corner and provides countless opportunities to appreciate the talent of old masters. During your visit, make sure to stop by the main primary icon of the city, the legendary Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore, designed by Brunelleschi and Giotto.

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3. Elegant Venice
Venice, Italy

Being the dream destination for many passionate travelers, miraculous Venice represents an epitome of romance. With its cozy narrow streets, open=work architecture, and bright festive atmosphere, enchanting Venice immediately steals the heart of every guest. Did you know that this wonderful city occupies more than a hundred petit islands connected by more than 400 bridges? For an unforgettable experience make sure to have a panoramic gondola ride and appreciate the beauty of spectacular Venetian canals!

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4. Dazzling Milan
Milan, Italy

Speaking of the unmissable Northern Italy cities, fairytale Milan deservingly holds the first place. Vivid and stylish, classy and mythical, a town that represents an organic mix of contrasts surprising everyone with its buzzing lifestyle. Apart from exploring countless historical sights scattered around the area, save some time to do some shopping and see the best what fashion capital of the world has to offer!

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5. Peaceful Como
Como, Italy

Looking for an ideal place in Italy to escape from the rush of the large cities? Then search no further than Como, the lovely city that is cherished by locals as the perfect destination for a peaceful summer vacation. Hugged by the mighty Alps, scenic gardens, and tiny villages, this charming resort town offers plenty of engaging outdoor activities and boasts great photo stops to capture your memorable trip. What is more, this place is set on the banks of one of the deepest lakes in Europe so that a boat tour will be a great addition to your Como travel plan!

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6. Breathtaking Sirmione
Sirmione, Italy

Are you searching for a remarkable destination to saturate your Italy vacation? Picturesquely located on the end of the thin peninsula, Sirmione is a beautiful place that continues to win the hearts of millions. Adventurers from all corners of the planet come here not only to unveil the hidden treasures of the city but also for a glimpse of outstanding Lake Garda which provides simply breathtaking views. So make sure to have your cameras charged!

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7. Enchanting Sorrento
Sorrento, Italy

Situated on the shores of the stunning Naples Bay, the fantastic town of Sorrento is a unique place, greatly influenced by two legendary civilizations of the past, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. While strolling narrow cobblestone streets of the city, make sure to pop in a few pottery shops as Sorrento is well-known for its ceramic goods that will make a great souvenir to bring back home as a reminder of a wonderful journey!

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8. Vivid Naples
Naples, Italy

When it comes to Naples, probably the first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of the amazing city is the best pizza. But Naples has so much more to offer than it seems almost unfair not to renown the town for its beautiful architecture, authentic churches, and old squares.

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9. Romantic Verona
Verona, Italy

Deservingly holding the title of one of the most romantic cities in Europe, enchanting Verona is simply a must-see Italian destination for all star-crossed lovers. Its walls still whisper the dramatic story of Romeo and Juliet, brought to the world by the famous playwright William Shakespeare.

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10. Glorious Palermo
Palermo, Italy

Sometimes referred to as the city of delights, charming Palermo is a fantastic place to add to your Italy travel bucket list. Why? Well, the list of reasons is long and extensive so we will cover the basic ones in no particular order, and leave the rest for you to find out during your Agrigento trip.

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