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About Palermo

About Palermo

What to Know About Palermo Vacation

Sometimes referred to as the city of delights, charming Palermo is a fantastic place to add to your Italy travel bucket list. Why? Well, the list of reasons is long and extensive so we will cover the basic ones in no particular order, and leave the rest for you to find out during your Agrigento trip.

Palermo boasts a fantastic location on the island of Sicily, one of the most diverse and beautiful places in Italy. It's home to postcardlike golden beaches, sheer cliffs, majestic mountain ranges, picturesque wildlife resorts, and even the biggest volcano in Europe, the magnificent Mount Etna. So Palermo is precisely the right place to go if you want to fully comprehend the unspeakable beauty of Italian nature or looking for a fantastic location to make some to-die-for vacation photos.

The city itself is fascinating, as it just doesn't feel like any other Italian town. Its history is very rich, and over centuries the Palermo was greatly influenced by various cultures, including Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabian. As you can imagine, this diversity left an indelible mark on Palermo, and the traces of its past can be found all around the city. The inspiring architecture of the town is one of the things to be admired during your Palermo tour. The buildings' styles vary from classic Gothiс to interesting Arabic ones, but somehow this mix doesn't feel chaotic. On the contrary, it only adds to the city's charm. Another heritage of the troubled past is the incredible amount of historical sights to add to your Palermo travel bucket list.

You can start by going to the 11th-century Palatine Chapel, housing amazingly beautiful frescos and exquisite golden decorations. After that, you can continue to the Palermo Cathedral, an iconic symbol of the beautiful city. Plus, you can add the Piazza Pretoria with its remarkable fountain and the unique Church of St. John of the Hermits to your Italy tour package.

Vacations to Palermo: "Must-do's"

  • Enjoy a stroll along the streets to admire Palermo's architecture
  • Explore the Capuchin Catacombs
  • Stop by the scenic Piazza Pretoria

And if you are looking for something to spice up your Palermo stay, you can always stop by the Capuchin Catacombs, mysterious home of over 8000 mummies, all dressed in the proper attire of their era.


Although hardly anything can match the delight of having dinner in one of the local cafes with your loved one, enjoying a glass of superb local wine, the warmth of the setting sun, and admiring the stunning views of the wonderful city.

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