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The island with poetic name Sardinia is known to nature enthusiasts and sun lovers from all over the world. It's a great place to spend some time one on one with the stunning Italian nature, recharge, as well as to get a tan that will be an envy of all. With a spectacular coastline of 1850 km (1150 mi), Sardinia is home of some of the best golden beaches in the country, as well as have amazing wildlife resorts, national parks, and striking archeological sites in abundance (in case you are looking for something to do apart from losing track of time, basking in the warmth of the bright Italian sun and enjoying the warm embraces of the Mediterranean Sea). Interestingly, the average life expectancy on Sardinia is 81 years. They say, this impressive number is a result of the locals' diet, so make sure to enrich your meals with exquisite local wines, freshly baked carasau bread, and mouthwatering pecorino cheese during your trip!

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